Electrical Services throughout West Midlands

As electrical contractors, A G Electrical Testing carry out a wide range of electrical services throughout the West Midlands. Whether it be servicing, maintenance and repairs or a new electrical installation you require, our electrical engineers have the expertise to carry out any kind of electrical work you require.

Electrical contractors are used by Companies to maintain and modernise an electrical installation, whether your workplace is an office, shop, factory, warehouse or school, you will at some point require the use of an electrical engineer. A G Electrical Testing is proud to be a highly respected commercial electrical contractor working and offering electrical services in the West Midlands. Based in Birmingham and established for over 15 years we have a proven history . Our electrical engineers are all 17th Edition qualified electricians who all work to the highest standards possible. We pride ourselves in customer service and all electrical work is carried on a friendly and professional basis. We understand that when work is carried out on your current electrical installation, it must be done in a discreet and professional manner, causing minimal disruption to your workplace. As members of the NICEIC, we are regularly assessed on the quality and standards of our work and always meet and surpass expectations.

Many of our customers speak highly of our team and praise the fact that we go the extra mile to a provide a proactive service.

From the wide range of electrical services we can provide, we are sure that you will find we will be able to tailor a service that will meet your needs.


Our Electrical Services in the West Midlands

  • Office refurbishment, alterations and additions
  • Lighting design and installations
  • Intercom system
  • Fire alarm system installation and testing
  • Reactive call-outs
  • Electrical supplies for machinery
  • Three phase power distribution
  • Communications
  • CCTV
  • Retail maintenance
  • Security alarms
  • Security lighting
  • Installation design
  • Portable appliance testing (PAT testing)
  • Periodic inspection and testing
  • Full installations
  • Additions to existing installations
  • Installation design
  • Disposing of fluorescent lighting

For more information on some of our services please see below:

  • Electrical Installations

    The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) state that precautions must be taken against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity during work activities. All electrical systems should be maintained and periodically tested to prevent danger such as fire and electric shock.

    Records of maintenance, including results of periodic inspection and testing should be kept through the working live of an electrical installation. These records enable the condition of an electrical installation to be monitored to ensure that it is safe and fully compliant with the current edition of BS 7671 (The IEE Wiring Regulations) which establishes the required standards for electrical installations. The law states that without these records an employer cannot be sure that the requirements have been met. These records provide proof of compliance and may be requested in the case of an accident or fire at your premises.

    Electrical testing of your electrical installation can be called many things, for example an electrical inspection, electrical testing, fixed wire testing, periodic inspection and test, landlords certificate, electrical testing & inspection NICEIC report, five yearly electrical report, electrical wiring report.

    At A G Electrical Testing, our electrical engineers are fully trained to carry out electrical testing at your premises. We arrange to carry out your electrical testing at times to suit you and cause minimal disruption. If required we can carry out your electrical testing outside of normal working hours.

    The frequency of electrical testing can vary from one year to 10 years depending on the type of premises, for example a domestic property requires electrical testing every 10 years or at change of tenancy, while industrial premises require electrical testing at three yearly intervals.

    We offer a service whereby you can have a percentage of testing done on an annual basis, to spread the cost   over a number of years and still meet your legal requirements. Please contact us for further information.

  • Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all businesses and organisations as defined by the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005 and British Standards BS 5266 Part 1: 2005 (Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises).

    Fluorescent Lighting Services specialise in the installation of emergency lighting as well as the maintenance and periodic inspection and testing of existing emergency lighting installations. Our electrical engineers are fully versed in all current regulations regarding emergency lighting.

    Emergency Lighting Surveys

    We offer a free of charge survey of your existing emergency lighting installation to confirm compliance with the current emergency lighting regulations. Based on our findings we will provide a quotation for any remedial actions that the installation may require.

    Emergency Lighting Installations

    Whether you require a complete installation, an additional emergency light or a testing facility installed, Fluorescent Lighting Services can tailor our services to meet your needs. With experience installing one emergency light or hundreds in a new installation, our electrical engineers carry out a first-class professional service.

    Emergency Lighting Testing

    In addition, Fluorescent Lighting Services also offer the service of emergency lighting testing. Current regulations stipulate that each emergency light should be visually checked weekly for operation, with actual testing of the emergency lighting being carried out on a monthly basis. Once a year, your emergency lighting system should be tested for a 3-hour period, as the regulations state a system should operate for a 3-hour period to allow people to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency where the power has failed. This annual test should be carried out by a ‘competent person’ and a periodic inspection and test certificate issued. Our services include an annual emergency lighting testing contract whereby we carry out all monthly testing on your behalf, or should you prefer to carry out the monthly testing yourselves, a visit once per year to carry out the annual 3-hour test. As per the legal requirements A G Electrical Testing will also provide your Company with an Emergency Lighting Logbook which should be updated after each emergency lighting test.

    Emergency Lighting Remedial Work

    The whole point of an emergency lighting test is to identify areas of your emergency lighting that have failed. Fluorescent Lighting Services can carry out any remedial work required on your behalf. When an emergency light fails, it can cause serious Health & Safety issues. A prompt repair to your emergency light is necessary should there become a need for you to use your emergency lighting in the event of a power failure or emergency situation.

    An emergency light can fail for many reasons, for example, a lamp or battery failure or possibly due to the age of the fitting. Quite often, an emergency light can be repaired by changing the lamp, emergency module or battery pack, however there may be times where a complete fitting needs to be replaced. All emergency lighting remedial work carried out will be in accordance with BS5266 Part 1: 2005 and current electrical regulations.

    Emergency Lighting Logbook

    An emergency lighting logbook is a requirement as stated in the emergency lighting Code of Practice (BS5266 Part 1:2006). An emergency lighting logbook records all details on your emergency lighting installation. It should include details of the electrical contractor who installed your emergency lighting installation and details of the electrical contractor who maintains your emergency lighting installation. It should also contain technical details such as an emergency lighting design guide anbd photometric data. Also included should be a plans showing the locations of all your emergency lights and details of testing, maintenance and repairs. Each time a test of the emergency lighting installation is carried out or an emergency light, is repaired, replaced or installed, the emergency lighting logbook should be updated. It may be required should you receive a visit from the HSE or a Fire Officer.

    A G Electrical Testing specialise in Emergency Lighting and our electrical engineers are able to offer specialist advice on how your organisation can confirm to the emergency lighting Code of Practice (BS5266 Part 1: 2005) and the Fire Regulatory Reform Order 2005.

  • Maintenance Service

    Whether you have an older electrical installation in need of some modernisation, or a newer modern installation, there are times when routine maintenance will be required. Our electrical engineers are on hand to deliver a high quality service carrying out repairs and upgrading to your electrical installation. Where an addition or upgrade is to your existing electrical installation, NICEIC testing certificates are always provided for your records. Of course all work is fully guaranteed.

  • Electrical Testing

    A G Electrical Testing understands the current economic climate; we operate in an efficient way and are effective at what we do,this allows us to pass on to you directly all our savings. We complete hundreds of fixed wire tests a year and are experts in the field of electrical testing as such we can offer advice and support to you in the most cost effective way.

    Full electrical testing on the supply and internal fixed wiring of your property / business to the latest regulations BS7671 2008 and IEE wiring regulations. This will include the Distribution Board all circuit breakers and associated RCBs, the complete earthing arrangement of the installation with all cables ,switches,sockets and fixtures checked for soundness and compliance.

    We can usually offer a very quick service if it is required with night time working if day time access is limited due to business requirements.

    All of our Electricians are BS7671 17th edition and C & G 2391 we only employ fully qualified British Trained Electricians and Engineers.

    These are the usual electrical tests performed:

    • Visual inspection of the installation.
    • Continuity of (cpc) & Earth conductors.
    • Continuity of the ring circuits.
    • Polarity.
    • Insulation resistance of conductors.
    • Earth loop impedance test to determine the quality of your earthing.
    • Testing of RCDs to check that they do trip at the correct time and current rating.
    • Functional switching and Isolation,to insure the switches actually switch the live conductor and not the Neutral.

    Electrical Testing, why do I need it ?

    Quite simply it is a statutory obligation in most cases. If your premises are open to the public, i.e. pubs,schools,cinemas,clubs,churches,dentists,doctors surgeries etc then you most likely need to be inspected yearly (Frequency of tests). If you are a private dwelling then you should be tested at least every 10 years. Electrical testing is often overlooked by ignorance, many companies now delegate the responsibility to either their own resources manager or a dedicated company. A G Electrical Testing keeps a data base of all tests, when they were performed and the results,this way there is no ambiguity Electrical testing is important!! As well as the electrical testing of the fixed equipment (cables,sockets,lights, etc) . Home-owners wishing to sell their dwelling can use the same service to make the test results available to potential purchasers.

    As it is a requirement that electrical systems installed in places of work comply with the The Electricity At Work Regulations 1989, More and more companies are putting in place people and policies that deal with the electrical testing and other Proactive Maintenance Programs to create a safe ,viable and profitable environment for their staff.

    Because all electrical wiring deteriorates with time, it is essential to test all fixed wires regularly to ensure complete compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations. Alongside essential PAT Testing is, fixed wire installations such as sockets, light fittings, air conditioning units and main incoming power supplies are vital for compliance testing.

    Our fully accredited engineers have the knowledge and experience to perform both visual and electrical tests to the new BS 7671:2008, the amended IEE Wiring Regulations that ensure the safest and most secure practices possible.

    Workplaces choose to use our expert engineers for a number of simple reasons:

    • Unique service offering remedial repair of any defects detected
    • Testing built around your business to minimise lengthy downtime or interruption
    • Both visual and isolated electrical checks for thorough analysis

    Our industry-qualified engineers search for any potentially dangerous defects within the system that could otherwise lead to fire or injury. With our experience, we offer fast and efficient repair and can identify potential future problems ahead of time, preventing them from developing any further. The comprehensive service we offer keeps you fully compliant without disrupting your workplace any more than is strictly necessary.

  • Fire Alarm Testing

    Over time, your fire alarms can start to deteriorate, collecting dirt and losing battery life. Without regular testing you can’t be sure that they are functioning as they should, and the worst possible time to find out would be in the event of a fire. Our services meet the required standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, so you can be sure you’re kept fully compliant to your legal obligations and have full auditable documentation to prove it.

    Fire alarm testing is about more than ensuring the safety of your business and your employees. It’s about finding a provider who understands that you need minimum disruption, maximum results, and a reliable service.

    Our tests are thorough, and include full testing of:

    • Main panel
    • Batteries
    • Heat detectors
    • Smoke detectors
    • Break glass units
    • Sirens

    Our fully-trained engineers will ensure that your premises can be kept as safe from a fire risk as possible.Our efficient, painless service,thorough compliance certification and second-to-none approach.


We also offer a free-of-charge, no obligation quotation service!